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Do you have stains and wearing in your hardwood floors that nag on you? Perhaps a recent need of repair? Or, maybe, you have been dreaming of a flooring to match your new room upgrade?  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our creative capabilities and services that complement your tailored needs.

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Screen & Coat

Refinishing of Hardwood Floors

Installation of Hardwood Floors

Staining the floor to your liking

Board Replacement

Small family business serving Colorado, insured, licensed. Have a special project at a secondary home? 

Will consider nation wide projects. Questions if we service your area in your time frame? Contact Us or email,

Signs you may need reflooring

If you are seeing nails showing in your hardwood flooring, contact us for service options! If you are seeing dark stains, deep dents or your beloved pets are scratching, call us for service options. We can tailor our services to your needs. It could be as simple as an additional coating so your larger pets do not dent or offer you full service install of new hardwood floors. Reach for us at Contact Us or email

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